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Hey Broski's,

Lets face it that life can get a bit hectic, and we need time out, in our little cave.

So we need to make our cave all about us and what lights our fire, what we love to do to unwind.

What we love to learn. What music we love to listen to. What friends, lovers, or anyone we want to invite into our space. This is our space. Our sanctuary, our home.

Also a place to disconnected from the hectic world and refuel us.

Let me be Your Broski and help you with cool innovative ideas to make your dream pad come alive.

I source the products globally. Because of the agreement I have setup in place I can get amazingly cheap deals, because I'm dealing directly with manufacturer (no middle man) which means you get the best price possible.

Here is my promise to you:

  1. I'll give you epic new cool gadgets you'll love
  2. I'll offer them at the best price (without me going broke)
  3. I'll give you responsive and fast customer service (usually within 24 hours)
  4. You'll receive your items within a few weeks globally and if your not happy with your item, you can return the item with money back.

So, That's the deal. I live by my word. Feel free me message me, or just to say hi.


Your Broski 
3501 Jack Northrop Ave
Suite #AEI909
Hawthorne, CA 90250